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Jim O'Brien A4.jpg
  • Short Film - 37mins

  • Writer/ Director

When Jim decides to leave a world of crime, substances and underground bare knuckle fights behind him to become a man of the cloth, he is quickly snapped up by the Exorcism Department at a small Melbourne Parish.

Life moves rather sluggishly, but when young Elizabeth in a nearby rural town begins presenting all the signs of a full blown demonic possession, Jim must use a unique blend of Holy Water, Bible Passages and MMA to save her soul...

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 1.36.38 pm.png
  • Web Series - 6 x 25mins

  • Writer/ Director

In  this six part mockumentary we follow a group of European backpackers in a hostel deep in Melbourne's St Kilda.

The show captures the often predictable hijinks of a group of young people living together without perceived responsibility and those all too familiar situations that anyone who has been travelling will relate to:

Finances (or lack thereof), heartbreak, frequent goodbyes, chronic hangovers and insufferably poor Wi-Fi.

That's Batman Poster.JPG
  • Short Film - 13mins

  • Director

Barbaroi Poster.jpeg
  • Promotional Trailer

  • Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor

Most people know the story of Batman.


But when Mark finds himself at a dinner party with a mysterious man named Bruce, who’s parents were murdered in front of him, who trained at a martial arts retreat, and who works night shifts - Mark’s certain that this is the real deal.

Thats Batman right? But frustratingly for Mark nobody else seems to have the foggiest idea what he’s on about..

Barbaroi is a live circus show presented by After Dark Theatre.

This trailer was commissioned as their promotional and advertising material for the show in the lead up to seasons and tours from 2020 onwards.

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