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(Working) Holiday

Same Shit, Different Hemisphere

In 2015 Paul wrote a pilot episode for a comedy series based on his own experiences as a British backpacker in Australia

Paul directed the pilot which was produced and released by Mad Alice Media at the end of 2015, it has over 4,000 views on YouTube and over 10,000 views on Facebook

Since then, Paul wrote and directed the complete first season which has been released online and aired on television channels in Victoria, Adelaide and Brisbane.

"Shot in a mockumentary style, (Working) Holiday follows a group of backpackers in a hostel in Melbourne, Australia. 

It captures the predictable hijinks of a group of young people living together without perceived responsibility – but more importantly it focuses on the very real mundaneness that many young travellers experience, and the very real problems that they face: 

Money issues, boredom, heartbreak, frequent goodbyes, chronic hangovers and insufferably poor Wi-Fi"

Episode 1 - "Cheese & Wine"

Episode 2 - "Do You Even Tinder Bro?"

Episode 3 - "Inspections & Erections"

Episode 4 - "Christmas"

Episode 5 - "Homesick"

Episode 6 - "Of Greetings & Goodbyes"

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